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David is almost too stereotypically unlikable (“It was not love, it was appetite

David is almost too stereotypically unlikable (“It was not love, it was appetite Ida falls in love with Levi who becomes sick From time to time further groups of settlers arrive. They are swarmed not for the skills and effort they offer the collective but for the effects they carry and must submit to be shared. There are resentments as talents do not receive the wider recognition they may achieve elsewhere. There are power plays at work as secrets are used as leverage. Part Two is David’s story and was the most challenging to read as he is an intensely self-centred character. We learn why he had to leave the kibbutz he helped to found, and then how the events recounted in Ida’s tale are viewed through his eyes. David is the embodiment of the weaknesses of many men: lust, ego, a need for attention and laudation. “All a boy wanted from his mother was comfort, and to be the centre of her universe. It was this they were trying to get back to their whole lives.” There is an undercurrent of discontent, disagreements over how best to achieve the ideals for which the settlers strive, and what these may mean for the individual. David talks of equality and freedom yet seeks out only the beautiful women. He regards them as existing for his gratification, including somewhat disturbingly his daughter, Ruth. Although he becomes irritated by the child’s demands he muses that he is pleased she is a girl rather than a boy. He quashes thoughts of his ineptitude as a leader and fears being eclipsed. A poignant and powerful reminder that every relationship is unique, a construct created that is rarely understood by others, even those involved The third and final part tells the same story from Hannah’s point of view. […]

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